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What we offer
Better user experience is better monetization

Ecommerce is the premier way to monetize your app while enhancing user experience.

Average Commission
Earn more money on every sale you facilitate.
Increase in earnings
Our customers make more money with ecommerce than with ads.
Payback time
Implementation of ecommerce pays itself after 3 months. Everything else is gravy.
Average implementation time
Through our APIs and infrastructure the average implementation is done in 2 days.

E-commerce - the premier app monetization method

Easily integrate ecommerce into your app and earn money on every sale while improving your apps relevance and user experience.


Plug and play ecommerce

Our infrastructure and platform gives you all the tools you need to start selling products natively in your app.


Collaborate with any vendor

Use our pre-built integrations to easily collaborate with any vendor relevant to your niche and app.


No ecommerce experience needed

All orders are fulfilled by collaborating vendors, so you never need to keep inventory or learn how to do ecommerce.


Rapid deployment

Our APIs, SDK and GraphQL makes it easy and quick to implement cart, checkout and other ecommerce functionality no matter your tech stack.


100% customizable

We know all product experiences are a little different, which why you can use our APIs to customize as you see fit and create the perfect user expereince.


Overview of earnings and sales

The Reachu platform comes with a comprehensive overview of products, orders and other relevant customer information.

For developers

Seamlessly Integrate E-commerce into Any App with Our Flexible Solutions

Empower your app with our versatile integration options. Our SDK, REST API, and GraphQL solutions are designed for ease of use, offering the flexibility to adapt to any tech stack.



Embrace a partnership where you don't pay us; we pay you! With no initial costs for integration, developers only stand to gain. Earn a commission for every implementation of Reachu's API and SDK, making it a win-win for everyone.



Expand your offering and drive additional value to your clients. By integrating Reachu's e-commerce solutions, apps can become powerful sales channels, creating new monetization avenues for both developers and their customers.


Type Script SDK

Embed e-commerce in apps, games, VR, and websites using our SDK, API, and integrations. Our infrastructure is versatile, compatible with iOS, Flutter, Android, React, Node.js, Java, and more.


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